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Gift a goat

Charity gifts for all occasions

World Vision Must Have Gifts are extra-ordinary charity gifts for your family and friends. They’re real – helping vulnerable children and families in the world’s hardest places – and they won’t end up at the back of the cupboard (or in the bin!). Choose charity gifts and help to provide essentials to make life easier for vulnerable children around the world. You can help provide things such as books to help children with their education, mosquito nets to keep them safe, and clean water to help them stay healthy. With the help of charity gifts, you can give the gift of supplies that save the lives of children and families.

Choose a gift that will truly be appreciated.

Simple & smart shopping

1. Choose your charity gifts.

2. Pick a card to let your friends and family know what you’ve bought on their behalf.

3. Sit back! You’re bringing a smile to your loved one – and to children hundreds of miles away.