How it works


Be inspired as you browse our range of truly life-changing gifts. Each gift will help children and families in desperate need. To really bring the gifts to life you might like to take a look at our success stories. Where you'll see the difference real gifts have made to real lives. And to make the perfect gift even easier to find we've organised them into helpful categories for you.


Now that you've taken a look at our gifts we hope you enjoy selecting just the right ones for the special people and the special occasions in your life. Whether you're looking for the perfect gift for your hard-to-buy-for Dad, your favourite teacher, your mum or your best friend we think we've got you covered. 

Plus, all of our gifts will bring double delight - not only will your loved ones be thrilled to receive them, but these gifts will bring real hope to children in desperate need.


Choose a card or e-card to let your friend or family member know what you've bought on their behalf. 

All of your gifts have been specifically requested by the communities we work with – to help create a brighter future for their children. To make sure your gifts are as useful as possible we provide them at the right time – which means that your gift often repays funds we’ve already invested. By working in this way you can be sure that your gift is being received exactly when it’s needed so that it has the biggest impact.

In the case of our emergency gifts, your gift will normally help us to build up our reserve stocks, so that we are able to provide relief as quickly as possible when the next emergency strikes.

Working in this way makes your gift work harder and ensures that children and families receive the help they need right when they need it.


Every one of our Must Have Gifts is an item specifically requested by communities to create better futures for their children. To make sure we can fulfill our promise to deliver these gifts when and where children need them most, when you buy a gift from our catalogue your money is pooled and will be used right where the need is greatest.
Debby, 7, Zambia ©2018 World Vision

The benefit is real

A real child is benefiting because their community has been given the ‘must have’ help they needed.

The price is real

It has been calculated from actual costs to provide the best and most effective support.

The change is real

Your gift, full of love and compassion, will make a real and lasting difference for children in need – promising them hope for a brighter and happier future, and to become all God intended them to be.